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Welcome to Munich Escape Apartments !

Munich Escape offer a collection of various types of accommodation including a collection of some very nice serviced and self catering apartments in many different areas of Munich city and suburbs we cater for all budgets group sizes.

So whether you are visiting Munich for a vacation or a business trip or even a longer term we are sure to be able to offer you a selection of places to stay

Our site offers Munich apartments for holiday, leisure, and business travelers and  for groups of all sizes wishing to stay together not many and different Munich hotel rooms.

Our collection of Munich apartments include several suites and apartments sleeping 2 to 20 guests and all offer a real alternative to hotels or if you're  looking for a nice place for a little romantic getaway or a business men seeking somewhere to unwind and relax after a day at the office we can also help here. That’s the difference between a Munich apartment and a hotel room  you get many of the comforts of home with an apartment, it’s difficult to relax in a hotel room.  

Many apartments offer you many extras at no extra cost like Internet access that all hotels charge a daily rate for. We also offer Munich real estate where you can browse and list properties for sale and to rent including offices, Munich commercials and residential  buildings, shared rooms, land for sale and more.


As all guests with to see where and what they will be staying in during their visit we have given each property it's own page with detailed information and photos of that property and a map so you can see before you arrive.

So if you are looking for the top and budget  apartments around Munich and us. Also We serving corporate housing and business apartments.

All our properties and apartments are carefully selected and graded to offer you the best collection available in your price range.


Munich has always been a famous party city, particularly as the spiritual home of beer. Modern Munich, with it's energetic mix of artists, writers, students, designers, musicians, high finance and over 6000 establishments licensed to serve alcohol, continues that tradition in style. The city's motto is "Munich Loves You" and a memorable night out will leave you in no doubt that they mean it.

All of Germany has undergone a transformation since the 1990 re-unification of East and West but Munich has been particularly energized. It is the third largest city in Germany, has the strongest economy and lowest unemployment of any German city and, in 2008, was 9th place in Fortune Magazine's Global 500 list of business cities, far ahead of any other German city.

As the capital of Bavaria, Munich is the economic and cultural focus of southern Germany. It is the largest publishing city in Europe and one of the World's leading centers of academia and research. It is also home to Germany's largest public broadcasting Network, the largest commercial network and one of Europe's biggest movie studios.

Situated right at the bottom of Germany, close to Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and the Northern edge of the Alps, Munich combines typical German efficiency with Bavarian hospitality and offers excellent value in accommodation of every type and at every price-point. This website, Munich Escape, lists every type of short-term accommodation, including every hotel and hostel in Munich but also, uniquely, specializes in offering apartments, houses and villas as vacation rentals, a convenient and cost-effective alternative to hotels. Our Munich office inspects every property to ensure the highest standards and provides photos on each property's page to give you a clear idea of what you can expect.
All our Munich accommodation listings include dynamic maps, making it easy to choose the perfect location, depending on how you plan to spend your time in this wonderfully varied city.

Beer, Wonderful Beer

Munich is justly celebrated for its breweries, its specialty beers,
its massive beer halls and its world-famous beer festival, the
Oktoberfest which attracts millions to it's lively tents to sample a mind-boggling variety of delicious brews. The Oktoberfest definitely appears on the list of things everyone should experience, it's the most fun you'll ever have fueled entirely by sausages and beer.

Transport in Munich

Munich has the world's most punctual public transportation system,including both an underground and an overground railway, trams and buses. German roads and highways are excellent, making it easy to get
around the city by car. Munich is also a cycle-friendly city with
popular cycle lanes and an innovative "Call a Bike" hire system
operated by Deutsche Bahn, the German national railway company:
bicycles using special locks can be found all over the city, anyone can call the phone number on the bike to receive a 4-digit code which, entered into the bike's touchscreen, will unlock it. To "return" it, you simply lock it to a fixed object anywhere in the city and press a button on the touchscreen to end the hire session. The service is subsidized by the city and costs just 8 cents per minute, with reduced rates for 24hrs or a week of use.


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